Coming back from a trip in the US where I was stupid enough not to buy the Brooklyn Beer Making Kit, I resolved to gather the elements in Europe myself and start brewing beer one gallon at a time

Ordering everything from various online sellers was a mess; I typically paid higher postage than the items themselves

This said, the process allowed to select every piece of equipment I wanted and discover the best suppliers out there

I read everything I could, from websites to books, watched many videos and started brewing my first beer, which tasted surprisingly great

The starting point of a consuming passion with countless batches and moments of fun since then

I created this site to allow people to skip the hassle of ordering the wrong stuff from the wrong businesses

I hope you will have fun brewing small batches
Feel free to share your experiences using the comments at the bottom of pages

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Passionate about beer brewing, I try a new recipe every other week and share my experiences in the blog section with my faithful readers

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