1-gallon Plastic Beer Fermenter

I was getting tired of having to clean my glass jugs through the narrow mouth with a bottle brush, a lot of work for poor results.

On top of that, I’m more and more happy with plastic buckets for my larger, 5 gallon, batches.

I started looking for smaller food grade plastic buckets I could use as fermenters for my small batches, and my local DIY store had plenty at the paint (and beekeeping) department.
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Creating a small batch beer recipe from scratch

My first beer recipe was pretty much improvised: take 3 fermentables, 3 hops and a yeast; all that in approximate amounts found online and brew to see what it gives

This time, I wanted to clone one of my favorite beers, a California Common created by a local brewery, which required a much more precise recipe
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My first recipe!

Starting from the recipe I use as an example on How to create small batch beer recipes, I improvised a Belgian strong ale with three different malts: Pilsen, Munich and Wheat

It took quite a lot of improvisation actually, because it’s not always easy to stick to the exact ingredients indicated in a recipe
Still, most recipes and suppliers are using the same typical ingredients and you never miss the target too much
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