Wort aerator

I bought an oxygenation kit, more by curiosity than conviction
It turned out to be actually a really cool little upgrade

You can, of course, get by well by shaking the fermenter for 5 minutes, especially if some empty space remains at the top, but this little device makes the task much easier and probably more efficient

I got this one US|CAN|UK and the quality is perfect

Beer oxygenation kit

Make sure to clean the stone with ethanol and not sanitizer, which could clog it up
Also, clean it carefully when you are done, it’s very easy as long as it’s wet

Oxygenation is pretty intense and foam will sprout out of the jug if it’s full, so try to leave some space at the top before aerating and fill with additional water at the end

The manual recommends 30 minutes for 5 gallons, I would say 10 minutes is amply enough for a gallon

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2 thoughts on “Wort aerator”

  1. What observations have you made using the air pump? Noticeable improvement in beer quality?

    1. I wouldn’t be able to clearly tell a difference in terms of quality/taste, but, most of all, it’s much less effort for a better oxygenation and it’s part of the many “good practices” that you do without being able to clearly measure their effects, but which all together improve your beer.

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