This page gathers resources directly related to small batch beer brewing
There are thousands of other resources out there, feel free to investigate and if you find something that deserves to show up here, let us know


A very interesting topic on about 1 gallon beer brewing

A blog by a cool guy who also experiments with the Brooklyn Brew Kit

And finally, a really cool website that will teach you a lot, even though it’s not specifically about gallon brewing


How to Brew by John Palmer

How to brew

This is THE reference for any serious homebrewer, by far the best book on the subject

It’s structured with a crash course in the first section, which basically covers everything you need to know for small batch beer brewing
The remaining chapters take the reader deeper into every possible aspect of beer brewing, down to the most advanced parameters, cool to read after a few batches

The only reproach one could make to this book is that it clearly belongs to the pre-small batch brewing era and sometimes focuses on points that can easily be ignored without much consequences on beer taste
Which, in a way, is not too bad, because you learn things that are not mentioned in gallon brewing kits and it’s good just to have them in mind

An absolute must-read!

Beer Making Book | 52 Seasonal Recipes for Small Batches

Beer Making Book

52 small batch recipes by the Brooklyn Brew Shop for every season
The main asset of this book is that all recipes are fine-tuned for small batches and thoroughly tested by Erica and Stephen
It also includes cooking recipes and advice on food pairings for every beer

Every time I brewed a beer from this book, it turn fantastic!

Sustainable Homebrewing

Sustainable Homebrewing

A surprisingly good book, not only about organic homebrewing, but also with very complete instructions on everything you need to know about brewing, both as a beginner or an advanced brewer
It really takes this hobby to the next level by covering advanced aspects such as growing ingredients yourself


The only video you should really watch before brewing is

Tools is a great place to start with, especially for beer recipes and you can click on every ingredient for additional information

Their color converter comes in handy if the recipe you are following does not use the same unit as the supplier you buy grain from

For priming with honey, this is a very useful priming sugar calculator

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2 thoughts on “Resources”

  1. For one gallon brewing, Emma Christensen’s book Brew Better Beer is a must read. It inspired me to go one gallon for all the reasons you outline. I’ve got BBS book too, but like a lot of books it dwells on the unique and adjunct flavourings and less on brewing a strong version of a classic style. Saying that, its recipe bones are good.

    The the book is The Naked Brewer, but it mostly does 2.5 gallon recipes.

    1. Thanks for this, Gus.
      There’s indeed plenty of great books about beer recipes.
      Mike Karnowski’s Homebrew Beyond the Basics is also highly reputed.

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